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Australian Braille Sign Standards

All our Braille signs are installed using the ultra adhesive peel&stick backing, so they can be easily installed onto almost any substrate without create holes, or a mess.

The below diagrams illustrate the required placement to comply with the building code of Australia.

The Building Code of Australia (D3.6) states:
Signs must be installed between 1200mm and 1600mm above the floor or ground surface.

Signs identifying rooms containing facilities or features listed in the Building Code of Australia D3.6 must be installed:

i) On the wall, of the door handle side of the door with the leading edge of the sign located between 50mm and 300mm from the architrave,
ii) If the installation (i) is not possible, the sign may be placed on the wall of the hinge side of the door;
iii) If installation (i) or (ii) is not possible, the sign may be placed on the door

Do I need a left hand or right hand sign?

Determined by which side the grab rail is in relation to the pan


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